Hi, I’m Scarlett.
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I want to support you in living a healthy, happy and vibrant life beyond the age of 40.

This is my message and my mission.

Scarlett Krause

Get healthy & happy.

Have you been told the fairy tale often enough that we inevitably become ill, fat, ugly and senile as we get older? Are you worried that this bad prognosis might come true for you? Are you currently suffering physically or mentally? Do you feel drained of energy and ? Physical complaints, negative thoughts and a paralyzing feeling of futility are not normal! Not even at 40 plus.

What if I told you: None of this has to be the case. There are other ways. I ask you: Do you want to find your way back to a healthier, happier and free life?
You’ve come to the right place HERE!

All it takes is your decision. Your YES to your health and to yourself.

I’ve always found the idea that we all get sick and unhappy as we get older unacceptable. That’s why it has been my great motivation for more than two decades to learn EVERYTHING I can to disprove this „prophecy“.

All my knowledge, my many years of experience as a naturopath and my enthusiasm for personal development are available to you here in a compact and easily accessible form.

Become healthy and happy again with:

Healthy You – your nutrition & lifestyle program
Happy You – your mental and spiritual realignment
Healthy & Happy You – healing program for body, mind and soul

What I offer

Healthy You Beyond 40
Happy You Beyond 40
Happy Healthy You Beyond 40
healthy happy beyond 40

Be your Best Beyond 40.

And the day came when the risk of remaining in bud
became more painful than the risk of blossoming.“

Anais Nin

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