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Happy Life Scarlett Krause

Is your life more gray than colorful?

Do you notice one or two gloomy or depressing thoughts? Does life tend to be unfair and is your glass often half empty instead of half full? Then it’s time to change that.

Nothing less than your precious time here on earth is at stake. Whining and complaining are an option.

In the long run, however, this will make you neither healthy nor happy. There is a much nicer and better option.

Nothing less than your well-being is at stake. And this is fundamental for a good and happy life.

How does it feel when I tell you that your life can also be wonderful and beautiful?

These are often old beliefs that we absorbed and internalized at a very young age and now believe to be true. They have become deep inner convictions over time. Deep grooves in our thoughts and feelings, like the grooves on a record.

My Happy Life Coaching is the right thing for you if you:

  1. keep getting stuck in negative thought loops
  2. feel sad and depressed more often
  3. want to give up negative habits and don’t know how
  4. sometimes realize that you lack self-confidence and self-esteem
  5. simply want a free, easy and happy life

It is not external factors but our inner attitude that determines 90% of our

Our inner attitude is decisive for our personal sense of happiness. And not external factors such as new clothes, luxury cosmetics, a great car or a fancy house.

We can work on our inner attitude and change it for the better. I’ll show you how and guide you step by step.

In my 1:1 Online Happy Life Coaching we will work together to put on a „new record“. And learn to play happier „music“, that will make you happy again.

The approaches of positive psychology and working with the inner child are the basis of the coaching. With powerful tools for personal development and exercises for self-love, you will grow into your happier and more contented life.

For your emotional and mental balance, we will find in addition the right Bach flower remedies for you to support your mental and psychic wellbeing.

Start your happier life now and take the first step.Arrange your free, no-obligation appointment here for an initial consultation (approx. 15 minutes).

It’s important to have dreams big enough
that you don’t lose sight of them.“

Oscar Wilde

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