Who I am

My love of learning and my deep longing to
understand the unity of body, mind and soul
have led me down many paths.

I have been a naturopath, life coach for conscious
living and yoga teacher for around two decades now.

Scarlett Krause

As a naturopath, I am specialized in the treatment of women in midlife. For many people, it is a time in their lives when they feel the need for change.

From minor aches and pains and unwanted symptoms to major physical illnesses or total burnout.

My mission is to empower and support women during this special time. My wish is for you to regain complete health, a beautiful radiance and a deep sense of well-being. Because it is possible!

Holistic diagnostics, blood count analysis, advice on nutrition and dietary supplements, as well as herbal medicine to optimize health and quality of life are the tools of my trade.

As a coach and psychological counselor, I work with the approaches of positive psychology. Working with the inner child and a healthy level of self-love are essential to me.

Appropriately selected Bach flowers are another way of supporting emotional and mental well-being.

As a yoga teacher, I want to balance your strength and flexibility with my yoga classes. You will easily learn to better understand your body and accept it as it is.

A safe, meaningful and fulfilling yoga practice is important to me for you. Breathing, movement and thoughts are brought into harmony through gentle exercises. Healing movement sequences allow you to become healthier and freer. Mindfulness, relaxation and stress management round off my yoga classes. You can find my yoga offer at Yogabasics.

  • 2000 Training in regeneration & nutrition therapy
  • 2001 Authorization to practice medicine as a non-medical practitioner
  • 2006-2007 Yoga training classical Hatha Yoga
  • Since 2007 Self-employed yoga teacher
  • 2006-08 Study of Ayurveda Medicine
  • 2007 Training in Ayurvedic massage techniques
  • 2008-09 Advanced training course in Ayurveda medicine
  • 2012 Training as a coach for conscious living
  • 2013 Training as a life coach
  • 2018 freelance counselor
  • 2018 Liebscher & Bracht pain therapist
  • 2019 Fayo yoga teacher
  • 2019 Dance & movement therapist
  • 2019 Seminar leader „Progressive muscle relaxation“
  • 2021 medically certified nutritionist
  • 2021 300hr Yoga Teacher Training Alignment
  • 2021-2022 Training as a psychological counselor
  • 2022 Training in positive psychology
  • 2023 Training as a spiritual coach
  • 2023 Advanced training YinYoga
  • 2023 Advanced training Restorative Yoga
  • 2023 Advanced training as a mindfulness trainer
  • since 2023 Inner Child Mentor (retired)
  • since 2024 Self-love trainer (retired)
  • 2022-2024 Bach Flower Therapy (Level 1 & 2)